Matthias Withoos, 1670 - Stillewe - kunsdruk

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"Still Life" was painted by the baroque painter Matthias Withoos. The original version of the painting was painted with the size: 32-11/16 x 37-13/16 in. Oil on canvas was applied by the European artist as the technique for the masterpiece. Besides, the artpiece is in the the Indianapolis Museum of Art's art collection, which is one of the finest universal art museums that has an extensive collection of art history from different eras with objects from all parts of the world.. With courtesy of: Indianapolis Museum of Art (gelisensieer: publieke domein).Die kredietlyn van die kunsstuk is: . Verder is die belyning landskap met 'n syverhouding van 1.2: 1, Wat beteken dat die lengte is 20% langer as die breedte. Matthias Withoos was a painter of Dutch nationality, whose style was mainly Baroque. The European artist was born in 1627 in Amersfoort, Utrecht provinsie, Nederland en is oorlede op die ouderdom van 76 in 1703.

Bykomende beskrywing soos verskaf van Indianapolis Museum of Art (© Kopiereg - deur Indianapolis Museum of Art -

Gallery label: Matthias Withoos is best known for paintings that depict the plants and animals of the forest floor. In this work, cultivated plants like roses and lilies are combined with weeds and brambles and displayed against the backdrop of a distant landscape. The dense undergrowth shelters a lizard, a mouse, and a hedgehog. The artist's selection of certain plants conveys an explicit religious message. The pink roses and white lilies symbolize the purity of the Virgin, while the thistles, blackberries, and other spiny plants refer to Christ's crown of thorns. A single stalk of wheat alludes to the bread of the Mass.

Gift in memory of Estelle Burpee Chambers by her family and friends

Gestruktureerde besonderhede van die kunswerk

Titel van kunswerk: "Stillewe"
Klassifikasie: skildery
Kunskategorisering: klassieke kuns
Tydperk: 17th eeu
Geskep in die jaar: 1670
Geskatte ouderdom van kunswerk: 350 jaar
Geverf op: olie op doek
Kunswerk oorspronklike grootte: 32-11 / 16 x 37-13 / 16 in
Museum / ligging: Indianapolis Museum of Art
Museum ligging: Indianapolis, Indiana, Verenigde State van Amerika
Museum webwerf: Indianapolis Museum of Art
Lisensie van kunswerk: openbare domein
Te danke aan: Indianapolis Museum of Art

Kunstenaar opsomming

Naam van die kunstenaar: Matthias Withoos
Ander name: Calzetti Matthias, M. Withoes, Calzetti Matteo, Withoes, Withous, Withoost, Matthys Withoos, Withoes Matthias, Withos, Calzetta Bianca Matthias, Withoos Matteo, Mathias Witthoos, Mathias Witthoos genannt Calzetti, Withoos Mathias gen. Calzetti, Galzetta Bianca Matteo, Witthos, Wethoos, Withoost Matthias, Withoos Matthias, Galzetta Bianca Matthias, Withu, Matthias Withoos, matth. withoos, Withoos, Mathieu Withoos, M. Withoos, Mathias Withoos, Witdoes, Witthoos
Geslag van die kunstenaar: manlike
nasionaliteit: Nederlands
Werksgeleenthede: skilder
land: Nederland
Klassifikasie: ou meester
Kunsstyle: barok
Bejaard gesterf: 76 jaar
Geboortejaar: 1627
Gebore in (plek): Amersfoort, Utrecht provinsie, Nederland
gesterf het; 1703
Dorp van dood: Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland

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Artikel tipe: kunsdruk
voortplanting: digitale reproduksie
Produksie metode: UV direkte druk
vervaardiging: gemaak in Duitsland
Soort voorraad: op aanvraag produksie
Beoogde produkgebruik: kunsdrukgalery, muurdekor
Oriëntasie: landskap belyning
Beeldverhouding: (lengte: breedte) 1.2: 1
Syverhouding interpretasie: die lengte is 20% langer as die breedte
Materiaal waaruit u kan kies: metaaldruk (aluminium dibond), akrielglasdruk (met regte glasbedekking), doekdruk, plakkaatdruk (doekpapier)
Seil op draagbaar raam (doekdruk) grootte variante: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39", 180x150cm - 71x59"
Akrielglasdruk (met regte glasbedekking) grootte variante: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39", 180x150cm - 71x59"
Plakkaatdruk (seilpapier) groottes: 60x50 cm - 24x20", 120x100 cm - 47x39"
Aluminium dibond druk (aluminium materiaal) variante: 60x50 cm - 24x20", 120x100 cm - 47x39"
Frame: ongeraamde produk

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